Free Distance healing with Thor!

Twice a week, you can receive free distance healing by signing up on this site. Just by signing up, I channel the beneficial cosmic energy to you wherever you are in the world. You can benefit from two types of distance healing: Night Healing while you are asleep and New Moon Healing.

The Night Healing is offered every week on two occasions: During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, and also during the night between Friday and Saturday. Please note that these are two separate sessions and you sign up for each of them.

You don’t need to do any preparation or be awake to take part, just make a mental note before you go to sleep on Tuesday or Friday night that you intend to receive distance healing. Many people who have taken part in my sessions have written to tell me that their physical or mental health has improved afterwards.

Register for a distance healing session!

To register for distance healing sessions, click on the green "Sign up for healing" button. Your registration must be received at the latest by 23:59 hrs on Sunday night, your local time. If you miss this deadline, your registration will still be valid for the sessions scheduled to take place in the early hours of Wednesday and/or Saturday morning the week after.

I have chosen to run my healing activities by means of donations. This is to give everybody the possibility to receive healing regardless of their economic situation. Your support helps me to continue the healing sessions and maintain my concept.