Gaia Healing!

Heal planet Earth otherwise known as "Gaia" and, at the same time, you heal yourself!

Thank you for participating in this Gaia healing prayer circle for our beautiful planet!

By raising Earth consciousness, you raise your own level of consciousness at the same time. What better time to do this than at four key dates in the solar calendar - the spring and autumn solstices plus the winter and summer equinoxes. I have made it simple to join in by using your own choice of meditation or prayers. When many people meditate and pray simultaneously, they generate greater energy and higher vibrations. So the more of us that participate, the better!

The exact time of day of these four solar events varies depending on the time zone, from early in the morning to late at night. No matter what time it is in your particular time zone, you can still participate and I explain how in the video. So, for example, if the solstice or equinox occurs in the early hours of the morning, you can say your prayers or do your meditation just before you go to sleep. If it occurs while you are busy at work, you can pause briefly for thought at the time without interrupting what you are doing for more than a few seconds or a minute. And if you are free at the time, then there is no stress to send some healing thoughts for planet earth at the key time.

This healing event occurs four times a year precisely at the peak time of the solstices and equinoxes. Use the link in the registration form to find out the exact time in your time zone.

To sum up, you have three choices of how to participate in this form of healing:

  • Meditate or pray at the peak time of the next equinox/Solstice UTC;
  • Pause for thought during the day if you are busy at the peak time;
  • Make the intention to send healing energy before you go to sleep if the peak time is in the middle of the night.

Whatever option you choose, please register in the same way for this event. Please watch the video where I explain more details.