Questions and Answers?

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1 - Can I register someone for distance healing without them knowing about it?

In order to achieve the best possible result, it is best if a particular person is aware that they are participating in a distance healing session. If the person is very ill and doesn’t have an opportunity to register themselves, then it is natural for you to register them on their behalf. However, if you do register a person without them knowing, it is difficult to judge what phase that person is going through. You should be aware that distance healing can have a very powerful effect on certain people. I recommend that any person registered should be aware that they are going to receive distance healing. In this way, if the healing does have a tangible effect, the person will not be left wondering why they suddenly reacted in a certain way.

2 - I have taken part in the healing sessions several times but I have not noticed any effect. Is this normal?

Of all the people who take part in my healing sessions, whether it is personal face-to-face healing work or distance healing, about 10% do not notice any effect. The healing might have had an effect on them even if they don’t feel it or else they simply might not be receptive for healing energies. The same is true for many alternative forms of healing therapy – they work differently on different people.

3 - Will I feel anything the day after?

Hopefully, you will be feeling better the day after. However, it is not unusual for the symptoms to get worse before they get better, if, for example, you have tension in your shoulders, the tension can increase a little before disappearing or becoming relieved later. Another common effect is that old feeling that you carry around or have trapped inside you become released. This allows the old feelings to disappear completely later. Blockages in you may become released by the healing and this, in turn, releases some underlying issues and feelings you might have. It could be wise to take it easy the following day or hours after receiving healing. This is the time when energy is circulating around your body. A healing session may even make you feel tired.

4 - How many times can I take part in distance healing?

There is no limit as long as you feel it is helping you.

5 - Can I sign up my pet?

Distance healing not only works on human beings but also on animals. So you are welcome to register your pet for distance healing.

6 - Is healing a substitute for conventional medicine or medical advice?

Please note that this form of distance healing therapy is not designed to replace advice, diagnosis, medicines and medical treatment prescribed by qualified doctors. You must continue to follow your medical advice. My transmission of healing energy should be seen more as a bonus or the answer to a prayer.

7 - Is there any proof that distance healing works?

The ability to treat diseases or other imbalances in the body with healing is well known and there are many different healing traditions. Distance healing gives you the opportunity to influence and improve your health but the effects are not guaranteed. Therefore distance healing can fit in well as a complement to conventional healthcare, but not as a replacement. There is no scientific proof available that my healing works so taking part in one of my distance healing sessions is an act of faith. A few of my participants have written to me that the healing was a miracle cure for a disease, but this is rare and it is impossible to verify the curative effect scientifically. See the distance healing rather as a method that can create harmony and balance in the body and thereby accelerate the healing process.